Anyone here work at argos ?tv problems

Bought a tv at the start of April from Argos.
It was supposed to be a HD- Ready 19" samsung lcd tv, but have recentley found out that its not actually hd-ready and have just looked on the website and its not advertised as HD-Ready anymore, however in the catologue ive got it is...

was wondering if anyone knowd if ill be able to return it and swap it for HD- Ready tv of the same price.

i seem to recall someone here working at argos?


I don't work for argos, but if it is not as described then you can get a refund under SOGA as not fit for purpose. Alternatively you can sue for negligent misrepresentation under the MA.

If It's LCD It may have mean't it was capibly of accepting HD input, As LCD tvs are basically HD Compatible.

Can only reiterate what sean said.It is not the item described in the catalogue you bought from,therfore it is misrepresentation.The fact that it is no longer advertised as HD ready,shows that they have recognised their mistake.Should have no problem whatsoever.If you do just refer them to your solicitor,Mr.Sean Campbell.:giggle:
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