Anyone Here work For Orange?

    Fancie giving me a friends and family discount code :D?


    i do, and for laughing NO!


    i do, and for laughing NO!

    what about for the 'xx's :whistling::p

    Original Poster

    Pfft loll

    A F&F code can only be used a few time (20 I think). No ones going to give theirs out and lose control over it. Once it's used up Orange won't give you another...

    Too many haha's in the OP

    For that reason its a no from me, haha :thumbsup:

    Original Poster

    Lol, changed the haha's!
    fair enough..

    I got a code with 10 uses when I worked for them a few years ago (all gone now of course). I wouldn't post it here though; all of them would be gone in less than an hour!
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