Anyone in Kent/se London see any fresh Christmas trees around

Posted 11th Dec 2022 (Posted 46 m ago)
hey all I have been to lakeside home bargains to find a few half dead trees, I went to Asda, lidl, Aldi near me (Dartford Gravesend area) and they are all out of fresh Christmas trees.. I know they had some at IKEA but they were too big for my car. anyone local to me know if they have any near them at a good price. I know b&q hasn't reduced theirs yet.

thanks for any tips!
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    Not sure if this may be too far out for you but in Lee (SE12) we have a DIY shop called Home Care DIY Lee. They sell lovely trees every year, very popular with locals.

    Price is roughly £10 per foot.

    If not I have read in Hither Green the Found Hope store has some, though I can't comment on what they have.

    Hope you manage to find one
    Thank you .. unfortunately it's a bit far and my old car ill have to pay ulez. I'll try IKEA again if not I'll take the buggy toddler and the train and get a small potted one lol
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