Anyone in or around Brighton ?

I haven't been to Brighton for about 30 years.

Are there still those little antique shops (The Lanes, I think the area was called?). Or is the area now full of high priced dealers?

I'm down there for the weekend at an event at the Royal Albion and just offered to get my wife 'something shiny'. Thought I better make sure there's still somewhere to get something !!


The Lanes hasn't changed much in the last 10 years, not sure what it was like 30 years ago, as I would have been ummm not born!

But yeah your find something nice, that will fit any budget. I love Brighton.

Still there! Would definitely recommend! Lots of choice!
I purchased the wifes engagement and wedding ring there!

still have loads of little antique shops in the lanes

if not too many!!!

Or is the area now full of high priced dealers?

No, you can still get a £10 bag of weed.

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No, you can still get a £10 bag of weed.

Well if the hotel is as bad as think it may be, that might be the best bit of info I get this week. Ta :thumbsup:

Street parking is a nightmare in Brighton ( & expensive ) . Plenty of multi storeys though :…669

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Coming in by train. But thanks for the info...

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Everyone on here is just so helpful today...

Already booked a month ago. Didn't know how full the train would be. Coming on the one and only direct train from Bristol to Brighton and there are 3 of us...

I wish my husband would buy me something shiny. Any time it's gift season he gets the argos book out.
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