Anyone in the South East on O2 experiencing issues?

    I have been experiencing issues in various areas in Sussex (Brighton, Burgess Hill, Crawley) over the past few days.

    I'm on Tesco, but they use O2's network (as do GiffGaff) so all of them should be affected if there is something amiss with their systems. My friend who lives just out of Brighton has been having problems too.

    Anyone else?


    im in sussex by brighton and have had no issues

    kent says no problems

    I'm on GiffGaff and in Kent and I can't make calls or send texts. I know GiffGaff had problems at the tail end of last week but they weren't this severe

    Have got a mobile on network you mention,fine here on Kent coast and anywhere else I've been in Kent in recent week or so.

    I have just checked and I usually get reports from O2 for outages but I have none for anywhere in the uk today.
    I used to post them but got slagged of for posting crap that was only of interest to a few so stopped it

    I'm glad its not just me. I'm in Essex and have had the same problem, I can only get a signal in certain places around my house wheras I used to be able to use it anywhere... I thought it was my phone playing up but Hubby's BB doing the same.

    Original Poster

    Seems to me that it's their 3G service which is having trouble. Each time I've had a text come up as "unable to send", I've been receiving 3G coverage. Haven't noticed whether it's happening on 2G coverage though..

    The problem might just be isolated to O2's subsidy networks, as onlyme23 is reporting no problems in Brighton - where I definitely had issues earlier. O2 site says everything is A-OK, but my undeliverable texts and delayed replies say otherwise!

    The O2 forums have a thread of users complaining of issues in Oxford a few days a go too. Not exactly close-by, but maybe O2 are having issues across the country?

    Crawley is fine here
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