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Anyone installed a house alarm or called in ADT ?

Posted 23rd Aug 2013
Hi folks, bit of advice please

Firstly we have moved house and the back door looks onto a valley,trees etc and the front isn't very well lit from street lights

I work Offshore and when I'm away for the 3 weeks I'm worried about my family back home, I have also been burgled in the past so I know what it feels like

Has anyone installed the Yale Premium Telecommunication system £300 which I have been looking at OR the ADT route which is a £99 payment and monthly instalments of £22 for 3 years (monitored 24hr)

We also did an insurance quote and although it asks if there is an alarm fitted, it makes no difference in the end quote either way

Anyone think the ADT isn't worth it ? Are they really manned 24hr ?

Any advice would be fantastic folks
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Hi Saxo

I used to share a house with a grandson of a fairly well known supermarket owning family. We had a serious alarm set up from ADT. It was really very good as an alarm, with kidnap feature etc. The only thing ADT haven't kept up to the minute on is remote automation, e.g. Putting your lights on via an app and the like. If you can afford the payment it could be worth it for peace of mind.

BTW Age UK allow them a space on their website for the elderly to find out about home security. That seems a reasonable endorsement.

I'm a teacher, not a sales person... Best of luck.
There useless in my opinion. My house and my whole estate was fitted with house alarms. One goes off at least once a week for hours on end. No ones cares and no ones phones the police or checks to see if everything is ok. Waste of money to be honest. Infact i wouldn't be surprised if burglars on ever attacked homes with alarms as no one really cares if the alarm goes off.
Thank you for helping

I suppose with ADT the price is reasonable but its the 3 year contract, and what if we move?
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Then you only have yourselves to blame. So glad I don't live on that … Then you only have yourselves to blame. So glad I don't live on that estate.There are some mega stupid around these days.Oh, and I thought alarms were limited to a max 20 minute alarm, may have got that wrong, but you ought to check with the law / suppliers.

Quite sure its plenty estates across the country. Try a Google search of House Alarms Waste Of Money. Nope they can go on for as long as it take for it to be deactivated. Why not try yours out and set it off and see how long it takes for someone to give a crap? Whats the point of an Alarm if you still need to rely on someone to report it to the police?
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ADT are manned 24 hours, I work for the fire service and they ring us all hours. Same call centre deals with fire and burglar alarms. Buy Mrs Saxo a great big loud barky dog, much more of a deterrent than an alarm.
i agree with last comment. area i live in has one of the worst for crime in england think it got 2nd by one of the news papers. alot of houses around here have alarms and no1 cares wen they go off coz there always going off. personally i would invest in cctv, a dummy alarm box, some better lighting and a bull mastiff/ american bull dog. All them deterents backed by the bark of that dog will make anyone think twice. Where as an alarm you gotta wait for them to try and break in before it goes off and then you gotta hope someone cares enough to check it out. Or if money is no object get all of the above and the yale alarm and your sorted.
My friend WORKED for ADT fitting alarms and he don't think much of there alarms, His words to me was get a dummy adt box and put a led light in there so it flashes.

I wouldnt be with out my dog she is the best alarm money can buy.
^^Post codes for crime
Sorry wont let me edit on my phone
Alarms deter many but not all burglars. They tend to act as a damage limitation if they do get in, the alarm gives them a time limit so they either escape immediately or feel they have only a couple of minutes - so may still look in the obvious places for valuables (main bedroom) or car keys. Some burglars will go to the trouble of removing your alarm if they can and think the reward is worth it. if you can afford a monitored alarm its worth it but many people can't.

Constant lighting, dusk till dawn with low energy bulbs is better than PIR activated - generally they don't want to be seen and light is a deterrent.

Making it look like you are there when you are not, stand outside your house, how would you decide if someone was there or not, what can you do to change it e.g timer lamps, having net curtains or blind so you can't see in etc.

have an alarm that protects downstairs that is set from upstairs when the family go to bed

Understand what activates PIR's. If you don't respect that and have false alarms, why would your neighbours take any notice.

CCTV is cheapish these days, can also be set up for internet monitoring and a 350 system does the work a £2-3k system did a few years ago. 7 day overlap recording etc. constantly running. if you make everything too overt though and look flash equally you sark interest in 'what's to protect'?

Just some pointers .
Saxo, it's actually about whether you opt for a security call back system or not. Ours required us to give the ADT call centre the correct code when they rang us. We had two codes, one to tell them all was well. The other to say there is someone in the house. Both would give the appearance that we had asked them to stand down.

If you just want to deter a potential intruder, then go for the good quality fencing, defensive planting and lights on timers route.
Not actually allowed a dog because we're in rented accommodation and its in the contract

Plus our 3 year old is petrified of dogs lol

So you think ADT is better purchase then? They only have 2 packages on the website £99 and £149
With monthly instalments for 3 years
I agree when the alarm goes off, people don't care mostly because they assume it went off for no reason best way to get around that is, inform your neighbours that your going away and if the alarm goes off to call the cops, unless you don't trust your neighbours.
Alrite sax, I would say for peace of mind if a monitored alarm is what your after then go for it. I would shop around though. Adt aren't the only 24hr alarm monitors, get some quotes from smaller alarm companies. They do not have there own monitoring station but there are several independant large monitoring stations around the country that they have contracts with. I wouldn't be happy with the 3 year contract personally. Also If the alarm goes off you can also get it to ring numbers of your choice as well as monitoring station so you will always know what's happening even when away.
Get a small Dog and CCTV
No dogs allowed in our tenant agreement lol
Wasn't too fussed about it being monitored all the time

Just looking at different ways of security
Get your local community police officer round, they'll give advice relevant to your locality. There's no money in it for them so they'll be honest.
I think the fact that having an alarm makes no difference to your insurance premium should be an indication of how good they are at deterring burglaries...
Thanks everyone for commenting

Really good advice
Forgot to ask something on here,

If everyine that has kids, how did you stop your little one going downstairs themselves every morning and setting the alarm off

Thought about when were in the house and have it set before going to bed, but just have the bottom floor zoned on
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