Anyone Interested in Orange County Choppers? O.C.C

Found 8th May 2009
Im not keen on motorbikes etc but this series is brilliant, they have went from a small garage to a full time massive business....all because of the publicity from Discovery channel....oh and Paul Juniors amazing styles of bikes ..

Anyway, point i was going to make was.....

what the heck happend to Paul jr?? he doesnt work there anymore

I knew about Cody and Vinnie setting up shop as V force but my god...Paul jr was the heart of that company and was the person with the great designs.......
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Love it
Im reading alot on it that actually paul was sacked and never actually left OCC, he is going to be fighting got half of the business....considering he only owned 10%

I think what will happen is Vinnie and Cody will let Paul jr in....then Rick will leave OCC and join V-Force as well.....

Paul snr is getting too big for his boots....
i only watch it occasionally but i want to rip paul snrs handle bar tash right off his face lol,god he annoys me
not watched this for a few years but i loved it i even got the base ball cap and entrance light with the logo
I dont really know there names altho i watch it atleast 3 times a week. I just like watchin them moan and fight and smash things up. They remind me! lol

Not into bikes either but its pretty cool watchin something being built.
life chaning thread saxo, if I can call you saxo?
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