Anyone just watched Weakest Link?

    I found a few of those contestants on there tonight so annoying ive decided to make a thread.

    The two i would of loved to punch were called Anita and George.

    That Anita has to be the person in this world who loves herself the most, kept going on about how she was so nice and has never found anyone to match her high standards of niceness.
    I mean how far up your own backside can you get. Surely it was an act... i hope for her sake anyway.

    As for that George it was just his camp voice that would of been deserved of a left uppercut from myself.

    Not usually annoyed by people on that show but its funny to see the types who come on the show. Was curious if anyone else watched it tonight?

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    lol!i seen it...walked out halfway thru,george was bad,but that doll anita was shocking-Anne proper hated her too!lol!
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