Anyone kind folks want to share their Orange quidco experiences?

    Quidco have just upped the anti on Orange contracts and are paying £150 for each one!
    Have seen a couple of people say their claims weren't honored, though, and was wondering if anyone could share their stories.
    Please help guys.


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    Pot luck, you might you might not.

    Sorry that's not a lot of help ! If you really need the £150 back, don't do the deal, odds are you won't get it. If your looking at it as nice if you get it, then give it a try.
    Unfortunately Quidco not tracking isn't a reason the network are interested in and won't help you (I had a Voda contract issue over a year ago, I'm still waiting to see if Quidco can sort it, but I doubt it).

    I have pre-ordered a Storm on Vodafone about a couple of week ago, I don't have the phone yet but it has tracked on Quidco!

    As has already been said, it's pot luck and if do get a call anytime during the ordering process this can give you a problem as it will be deemed that the transaction was not completed wholly online!

    Ordered an Orange Dolphin 15 with a Sony W510i back in July, the 3150 was tracked and got paid in August. Well pleased with the service.

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    ok thanks guys will probably go for it. :thumbsup:
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