Anyone know a good budget bike?

    Im looking for a 'cheap' bike round the hundred pound mark (or less) if anyone could help? I dont know anything about what to look for. It's just to cycle to work which is only a mile away so thats why Im not looking for anything expensive, its just more for convenience.

    Any help would be appreciated


    before you go buy a bike (which can cost you anyway from £100-£200), enquire at work about the "cycle to work" scheme.

    This can cut the cost down to almost 50% of the orginial cost, payable throu monthly installments from your wages.

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    I think a hybrid is what my dad has given me.
    Its some raleigh bike with high tensile 18 - 23 controlled carbon cycle tubing (whatever that means). Anyoen know how i found it what type it is so i can try and find some info on it on the net?

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    It looks VERY VERY VERY old lol
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