Anyone know a good wireless router for parental control

    Im looking for a router that gives me good options for parental control,like bandwith timers and stuff.
    It doesn't have to be wireless N as im only on sky broadband at about 4mb download.
    I have been using a oldish linksys that has some parental control but it constantly over heats and messes up.
    I've seen loads recently on here going for as little as £20 does anyone know if these cheaper ones have them options.
    Thanks for any info


    Tenda 150 does it mate.. I've got a few of these around the house and although not full blown 300N, they are versatile as in using as access points/repeaters etc.. and also have bandwidth control.. just looked on one of mine and this is the explanation under Traffic control:

    'Traffic control is used to limit communication speed in the LAN. Up to 20 entries can be supported with the capability for at most 254 PCs' speed control, including for IP address range configuration.
    Interface: to limit the uploading and downloading bandwidth in WAN port.
    Bandwidth: to specify the uploading/downloading Min./Max. traffic speed (KB/s), which can not exceed the WAN speed.'

    Seem to be HERE at the moment

    Edit: Sorry, forgot to add security control option explanation:

    This section is to set URL filtering access. If you want to enable this function, please activate the checkbox.Select one policy from the drop-down menu and enter a policy name in the field. Of course, you can set the access restriction in details (e.g. the fixed IP range, URL, times and days)

    Note: When times is 0:0~0:0, it express 24 hours
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    Original Poster

    thanks for that info burner looks great,
    forgot to mention i need it with a built in modem cant seem to see if this has that

    No modem mate, works with seperate cable modems using the wan port for connection.
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