Anyone know a proxy server that allows downloads?

Found 28th May 2008
Nothing illegal planned just my university connection blocks loads of sites even legitimate sites meaning I cant update windows that easily or update any software.

I can find proxy software but dont want to use thatid rather use a site where I can just use the link
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google TOR, that may help...
I'm sure some smart so and so will correct me, but I don't think you can get around it. The Uni is most likely using a proxy server to protect it's internal networks, and, as you will be going via this, then you can't bypass it. If they don't let you update on things like Windows update, then I doubt third party links would be allowed either. Don't you have a non Uni connection that you can use (as I guess you are using a laptop). I guess you could ask the Uni if they provide an internal update link where you can do Windows updates, many businesses do this to minimise traffic issues.
Well I did find one before but deleted the bookmark by accident and it wasnt that fast at least compared to what it should be.

I can download some things but not all, sites like softpedia work ok, some things.

It seems mainly to let me download from third party sites and not sites from the actual software developer for some reason.

There is ways around it as my friend uses a proxy software and he can use MMO's and torrents ok but hes moved out and isnt responding to my facebook messages.

I moved rooms a few weeksago and my old room wasnt on the uni resnet system maybe as it used to be an office but the 2 rooms on either side were blocked but mine wasnt so I could use torrents and online games no problem
You need a tunneling proxy - one that encrypts your transfers on your PC - so the network/IP cannot see the actual content, then unencrypts them once they reach the service providers server, or chains connections with multiple levels of encryption.

For a free service - try JAP, or a good paid one try COTSE (about three quid a month - and loaded with features - telnet, email, spam protection, and very broad anonymity).
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