Anyone know a store that has a "price beat promise" that'd match/beat DSGi?

    Tried googling and no luck
    Basically looking for one of those "Will beat competitor's price by 10% or more" kinda promises that float around.

    Was aiming to get a PS3 160GB for lower than £196 using this method, any tips?


    Where are you based mate?

    Original Poster

    NE Kent, any ideas? I vaguely remember a big chain having a promise/policy like this, but i could be wrong

    Original Poster

    Just an update for anyone else interested:

    Googled around a bit more and found out Comet used to do this but don't anymore, now they just pricematch.
    Same applies to PCworld/Currys, but seeing as they're the store i wanted to price beat anyway, etc.

    Nearest thing available atm that i know of is Asda and Tesco with their price beating stuff on groceries, where they refund the difference+more

    You got an Apollo2000 near you, they supposedly will beat any price of a store within 10miles.

    if you have a bennetts near you they will match, our local actually has a sign on the way into sainsburys saying they will beat their price (both are on the same retail park.)
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