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Anyone know a way to remove oil stains from a tarmac parking space?

Posted 11th Aug 2013
Hi there,

I have a problem as I have had an oil leak from my car on my tarmac parking space. I am seeking a good and preferably cheap way to remove said stain.

Many Thanks

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Bio washing powder or Fairy Liquid neat

Bio washing powder or Fairy Liquid neat

Do I just pour it on, leave it for a bit then scrub and rinse?
saw dust or cat litter works great.
It might be the car marking its place, one of the effects of this is people may be reluctant to steal your parking space.
Petrol and old rags. Could be dangerous I suppose but I'm from a different time:-)
Won't come up, pointless trying mate.. Happened to me
A jet wash removes oil stains from tarmac. You're welcome.
Thanks for all your answers. I shall give them all a go one by one and come back with the results.
I heard peanut butter works quite well. It might need some mayonnaise to get going though.
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Failing that though, freeze it then smash it out with a hammer.
I'd fix the oil leak first otherwise it's pretty pointless.
brick acid ( builders use it to wash mortar off bricks ) try a little patch out of the way first to check it wont damage the tarmac

I'd fix the oil leak first otherwise it's pretty pointless.

Durr. Of course the oil leak has been fixed. I had assumed that would be obvious.
Be a bit careful with what you use. Bitumen is just sticky oil so anything that dissolves oil is also likely to affect the tarmac. I'd avoid petrol and other solvents and stick to detergent type stuff. I'd also be careful with jet-washing, you may end up with a hole.
Thompsons oil remover works really well (most diy stores) then i would seal your drive with thomsons drive seal (its for tarmac drives) so you can easily wash it off if it happens again. prob about £20 for both but a nice little insurance policy so worth it
PETROL Works a treat - use some old rags and once the oil is gone use fairy

Do I just pour it on, leave it for a bit then scrub and rinse?

Pour on the powder and let it soak, then rub in a bit and wash away after a couple of days

Same with the Fairy.......or any other leading brand of washing up liquid X)
Washing powder has come up my Drain
And gone down my tarmac drive
It has left behind a white large stain and run marks all the way down my drive
I have tried jet wash but it has made it worse and bigger any ideas on how to clean it
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