Anyone know about champagne?

Found 18th Dec 2006
Just had 2 bottles of 'Dom Perignon' champagne delivered along with a couple of tickets to some weird stuff in London. Not bothered about the tickets, but what's the champagne worth!?

Should I drink it like water or have a shower, go to the shop and get a cigar, put a tuxedo on and drink in style?!

Or actually forget that. Put my coat on inside out to create a smoking jacket and light up a fag and get bladdered?! :-D :santa:

Seriously though, this good champagne?
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I believe it is GRD.

I think they go for about £70 in Tesco!! I may be wrong tho!

Save it for New Years! :thumbsup:
It depends on the vintage.

A bottle of Dom costs about £100 for an off licence.

:pirate: CJ :pirate:
What year is it? The champagne that is before anyone asks...
It's 1990. I don't know anything about champagne. I always thought it tasted like cider personally! But then im probably used to the cheap stuff!
Ahh dad's already got his paw's on it, he's coming round tommorow now! :roll:
£105 from ]Fine Rare Wines of London.

:pirate: CJ :pirate:
Hmm, pretty pricey stuff then!
Too pricey for the likes of you, hence why it must be given to me :giggle:
I'm from the school that says Champagne is overated....I'm not fond of fizzy drinks so that's a downer for a start...give me a pint of Timothy Taylors Landlord any day....but seriously I tasted some expensive Bollinger at some posh do...and to me it just tasted...well like sparkling wine..which is what it is at the end of the day.
My adviice grdesign is to sell to the highest bidder..or each time you pour a glass you'll look at it and think "over £15 quids worth in that glass" ...never worth it....well I've yet to meet a woman who's worth it!! LOL
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