Anyone Know About Dell Warranties And Their Customer Service?

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Found 22nd Sep 2009
My Inspiron 530, purchased from Dell Outlet just over a year ago, loads up Vista and then the screen goes black with a cursor. I'd done the Extended Diagnostics which brings up error codes for one of the hard disks (2 x 500GB HDDs). I've got a "4 Year Hardware Support" warranty, which I was assured covers everything and is On Site.

I phoned Dell at 8am on Monday quoting the Service Tag. I was told that no-one could give me advice as I don't have a warranty (!) and that it'd cost me to proceed further. I phoned back after retrieving the Invoice, quite irritated, but hoping things would get sorted quickly.

Then I was told that I'd have to PAY for the hardware the engineer installed! I got very annoyed and told her as far as I knew I was covered and I wasn't paying a penny. Eventually she said it would be free. Do the call centre staff just not know their stuff?

I told the advisor about the Extended Diagnostics error codes for the HDD, and she told me to do a Custom scan for both Hard Disks. She'd phone back in an hour. It became pretty plain that the scan would take MUCH longer as both hard drives are so big. From 8.30am the scan was running til 8pm!

After a few more phone calls in "another hour" to check the results of the Custom Scan, I said Look, surely the Extended Diagostic codes are enough. I don't want to wait for this Scan to finish, then you'll put me through to an engineer who'll phone with a slot. Just send an engineer out asap!

Is this typical of Dell Customer Service? They were wonderful when I was buying my PC..this experience stinks so far. The engineer will be coming out today, between 9am-5pm (my birthday too :-P)


sounds like you want to do a "chkdsk /f" to fix the bad blocks on your hard drive. it might take a few hours. happy birthday.

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Thank you! I deserve a long lie in Funnily enough I ran Hard Disk Regenerator a week ago and it didn't find anything. Bah. Any advice is most welcome :-D

You can check your official warranty status here:…vml

If it's not showing the correct support level then that's something you need to get sorted so you don't have this problem each time. If you can't get a clearcut error out of the diagnostics, Dell can be a bit of a pain in the neck. In this case though they may be taking extra caution as I've seen this problem before on Dell machines and it's not a faulty hard drive, the drives are physically fine and Windows itself shows no errors but won't boot for some reason. I've just rebuilt the system and it's worked fine since then although as your machine is in warranty you may as well get the drives replaced.


Do a system restore to before it stopped working properly.
I fixed a similar problem using that method.
Then run a disk check for the hdd problem.

god dell customer service are THE worst in the world.... You'll never have luck through them, in warrenty or outside, I got my problem sorted by going through the tech support guys. All i wanted was an OP CD as i didn't have one when i needed to scrap my system!

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I was very frustrated yesterday. I couldn't do a System Restore, it was showing no slots (?). Tried Safe Mode, Last Known Good Configuration, all loaded with a blank screen. Nor could I figure out how to get command prompt up.

The engineer came earlier; he couldn't have been nicer actually, so they're not all bad. He recommended I try a SATA to USB cable to see if I could salvage some of my files from the two hard disks :-D

Between you and me, he did say he finds the Indian Call Centre a bit annoying himself. He says they try to tell HIM what's wrong with a computer from thousands of miles away, or sometimes get the diagnostics wrong.

I have to say, i have had a few problems with a Dell laptop, and using the online chat, they were extremely helpful.

ive had this problem and i have the extended warranty, but i had no issues making them come out. i had a knocking noise in the computer the indian just goes faulty hard-drive, next day theres a guy here to replace it.

The technition wasnt that good but he replaced it. The problem wasnt the hard-drive though! it was the fan!! so they send the same guy out again and he moaned throughout fixing my laptop because he had to unscrew it. it looked fine once he'd replaced the fan but when i inspected it he hadnt replaced the screws for the motherboard and he cracked my case.

It took 3 hour phonecalls to get dell to accept responsibility, they send a different engineer out and he fixed everything quickly and he was friendly!

Technitions are generally easy to talk to. dell service centre isnt too good online chats the way forward!

sorry bout the rant

took me months to replace my faulty power socket on the motherboard.
must have had the phone put down on me 50 times
i had the extended warranty but was told it wasnt covered a i may have worn the solder out puting the charger cable in and out and it was fair wear and tear.
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