Anyone know about Google SEO and link backs


    I am doing some SEo on my site and I'm wondering about link backs.

    if I link to a site that links to me, do I need to link to the exact page the links to me or can I link to their core domain? So it…tml links to my site do I have to link to the webpage.html page or just

    Also I heard there were more than one type of link back, what's that all about?




    If you link to a site you need to link to the page that has the highest page rank for any effect, normally this is the base URL.
    Don't just think that linking to site will make your site index better with google as google will not entertain your site if there are loads of links that are not seen as "quality Links" ie: a respected website.
    First you need to search through all of the code on your site and get rid of any abandoned code that isn't being used (if you used a WYSIWYG editor).
    Then make sure your page title, Meta tags, Page content and H1 H2 H3 H4 etc all relate or match with your preferred search term, google doesn't use Meta tags any more but other search engines do.
    Then add a site map solely for google's use to crawl through all of your pages easier.

    I have now got to a stage where most of my websites do very well in google and all other search engines but it doesn't happen over night.

    Hope this Helps

    [COLOR="Blue"]Also I heard there were more than one type of link back, what's that all about?[/COLOR]
    Sometimes many sites use redirecting links which mean that the code that makes the link is not search-able by any search engine and therefore making that link pretty pointless.

    What site is it you want to optimise?

    Check to see if your site is xhtml compliant too, not sure if this does anything but I've always made my sites compliant and they do well in search engines.


    link backs are not good for google anyway, its all about inbound one-way links.
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