Anyone know about "security clearance" ?

Found 12th Sep 2007
This is for when you apply to jobs. Someone asked me if I had been "security cleared" before and I was not sure, although my current employer put me through vigorous security checks.


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I would ask them to define "security cleared".

The MOD have a policy of 'vetting' people (this is their version of security clearance); they also require civilians working for them & sometimes employees of firms working for them to be vetted as well, so it may be this that is being referred to.

You will know if you have been vetted, as the first step is for you to fill in a form giving all sorts of information about yourself.

As far as I am aware there are three levels of security clearance available, forst is BC which is the basic check i.e check your references that you give and some personal info ie criminal record etc. Then you have SC which is higher clearance long form which has stuff like parents birth place etc etc. Finally DV which is where they go and question your neighbours, dog etc. Each of the goverment services has diff criteria for DV however once got they are transferable between them. Chances are if you don't know then you don't have it as they are not free and the cost escalates as you go higher with DV costing anywhere between £12000-£20000 to obtain.
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