anyone know about Tenants rights???

    Ive been in the flat for 5 weeks, before we came i noticed damp on the walls, they claimed it was a 'new' thing...but we have found out the previous tenant also had this problem. Also were getting wood louce all over. People have came out to see the damp and either the landlord or the estate agent has made him paint them or soemthing, which hasnt helped.

    We have had several problems, including a broken shower etc....the estate agents are made up of 3 17 ur old girls who continue to "IF it is wood louse we can get someone to put something down" if? cmon im not stupid i know a wood louce....

    Plus when we paid our rent this week shes like oh so the damps no he painted it....

    i need to know where i stand if i say im not paying rent until the problems are sorted, mainly the damp. Tho i was told if the wood louce goes on without the wood being treated, every bit of wood in the house will be not happy with living with 100's of wood louce....

    anyway im sick of the kids telling a load of rubbish, and just want to live peacefully without the damp and wood louse (lice whatever) i wake up in the morning and put my clothes on and they are damp..its beyond a joke now....they wont give us the landlords details either...



    Send them an letter stating all of the problems in case you need proof of things down the line. Also check your lease carefully for the wording of repairs to faults by the landlord as you should be able to withhold rent if they don't take any corrective action within a resonable time of receiving an official notice of the problem

    my sister had the same problem with damp, leaks, things broken, etc and she refused to pay untill it was sorted... it went on for a few months and was never sorted and she was told she would be kicked out if she didn't pay up.... anyway she moved coz it was so bad and nothing was ever going to get done.
    dont know who would be able to help.... why not go to the CAB and ask for their advice

    I am pretty sure by law you should be able to have/request the landlords details, and that its unders their duty as landlords for a "good/healthy" upkeep of the house. Record everything, letters pics of damp and wood lice, and if nothing is still being done...approach the citizens adive to see what options there are. I am sure a standard contract for rentals even students one like i used to have have it written that it is both the rsponsability of the landord and tennant the the property is safe to live in...thus by law the landlord has the duty to fix the issue probably or you can withhold rent...and I have done this is the past to get the work done....but thats my opinion,

    Contact the Private Tenancy Officer at the local council.This officer will see that the landlord complies with his obligations towards you as tenant.This service is free.

    hi put it in writing to the landlord if he doesnt act on it write to the ombudsman for housing

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    thanks everyone im going to write a letter now.......i cant find a good website with the leglisation on...if anyone can point me to them id be grateful

    hi m8 sorry to hear of your troubles,you should first try your local council,i believe it would come under environmental health,they should send someone out to inspect it,and then they will contact your landlord(even if private),and make him do the repairs etc,good luck


    thanks everyone im going to write a letter now.......i cant find a good … thanks everyone im going to write a letter now.......i cant find a good website with the leglisation on...if anyone can point me to them id be grateful

    [url][/url] are a charity who specialise in these matters, have a chat with them prior to witholding rent as need to follow a particular process inorder for it to be tottally legal.

    Also try the housing dis-repair section of your council as they get involved depnding on the situation and will get very forceful if needed.
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