Anyone know about website safety for children?

    Hi all.

    I use Firefox and Internet Explorer on my laptop.

    I just want to know if there is any way I can limit what websites my daughter can access?
    Or if I can put her on a children's website and lock it so she can't leave it?

    She is nearly 6 and I let her roam free on Cbeebies website, for example, but worry about leaving her even for a minute in case she clicks something that I wouldn't want her to as she is not to fluent in reading yet so sometimes just clicks things rather than reading it first.

    Hope you get what I mean - I am not too clued up on all this technical stuff so am hoping that one of you kind HUKD'ers will point me in the right direction.


    There are a few childrens browsers about. I cant recommend any though I have downloaded a few but not tried them yet.

    Easy on Vista.Just set up Parental Control.
    Control panel,usera accounts and family safety,parental controls. Realy helps:)

    Original Poster

    I am on 2000 or ME, don't even know!

    have you tried [COLOR=Blue]]this[/COLOR]? They was doing the full version free last year but our drive corrupted and we lost it! It gives you a safe enviroment for kids and allows you to add other sites for the young ones, its like running another operating system but yours is still in the background just a password away so you can switch between the two.
    Our kids loved it and i'm considering paying for it again!

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    The Magic Desktop looks good and they have a free trial you can download but can't see how long it lasts, anyone know?
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