Anyone know any good apps to password protect my USB?

    Just want a simple password screen before my USB can be accessed.

    Can anyone help.



    no such thing as simple and secure.
    If you want security then encrypt the entire drive with a program called trueCrypt.

    I guess you could try formatting the drive to NTFS and applying encryption. Not tried it myself, but it's worth a try. Encryption can be applied by right-clicking a file, clicking Properties, and ticking the little box.

    U3 drives offer this and more. Try something lilke this:…iew

    Check out the demo on the U3 site:

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    yh i had a look at the U3 thing; but it only works with sandisk drives. Which mine isn't

    It's not just Sandisk - I got Kingston but it does need to be U3.
    You will need to get a new one but a 4gb for about £10 isn't too bad.
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