Anyone know any good Florida deals?

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Found 20th Mar 2010
Hi, we've decided to go to Florida in June and am looking around for good deals. Cheapest I can get it at the moment is £4500 with Jetsave but don't get villa allocation until we land which makes me slightly nervous. Don't mind booking everything seperately if it works out cheaper but can't seem many deals around on flights or tickets. There are 2 adults and 3 kids but need to pay adult ticket price for 1 chid as over 9. If anyone can give me any advice/deals I'd be very grateful!!!!!!

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I fly with first choice whenever possible (as they provide more legroom than other cheap airlines), I also ONLY book flights with them, from either Bristol or Gatwick to SFB (sanford international which has a holiday approach to immigration and you dont get a hard time entering like some other airports)

So for example flying from gatwick to sanford on 5th june returning on 12th june for 3 adults 2 kids = £2,194.90 return including taxes and 20kg luggage allowance.2 weeks would cost the same amount so no worries there.

A villa can and will cost you anything from 250 to 600 per week and a car in the region of 250 for a luxury car (you wohnt want to be squished there being 5 of you eh and if needed take your own car booster seats with you) including platinum insurance (book the car BEFORE you go and alamo is FAR FAR preferable to dollar).

Beware when a holiday gives you a "free" car it isnt free and when you arrive and have to pay insurance you will see it is FAR FAR cheaper to book one with someone like netflights.com and ignore the "free" one and save a small fortune.

Take a GPS unit with you with american maps, if this is not possible DO NOT HIRE ONE from the car rental company but go along to walmet or target and buy the cheapest tomtom or garmin unit they have as this will transform your experience there into one thats far more enjoyable!!

Give more date details etc and i'll scour around and find you different sites for pricing etc.

Try the dibb for more info - they have loads of advice.
If you fly virgin expedia have a price 10th June to 24th June for £2100 for the 5 of you (direct from london gatwick) then book a villa via the dibb for around £1000 for the fortnight. Car on top and I personally wouldn't splash out on an expensive car - you're not in it for that long.
I would always book separately as I like to choose the villa and the area its in

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Thanks for your help. How far away is Sanford from Disney area? Have always flown to Orlando int in the past and it's a really quick and journey to the villa from there. Have looked at first choice who have given me a good price but would prefer Virgin if possible. It seems to be the park tickets that are costing the money. Want to do I of A and disney, maybe Universal if harry potter open by then but not that bothered really.

I have flown into both sanford and orlando international and would recommend sanford every time it's much quicker to clear immigration as usually only have one flight coming in at a time. Also if you are going with children I would recommend getting direct flights the last time we went we had non direct flights and it was an absolute pain your luggage doesn't go straight through you have to collect it and then clear customs then re check it for the connecting flight. Oh and then we had a 3 hour delay on the orlando flight which according to the staff there was commonplace. It wasn't newark though so experience there may be a little different but I am very much converted to direct only

I go indirect if the price different is high and really don't mind it at all - breaks up the journey a little. Also at MCO we've always cleared immigration really quickly - each time worrying about the massive queues that you hear about and them never happening. We go in school holidays so always a busy time as well.
I'd go for the cheapest route and not bother too much about what airport you're going to, and for me I always like an airline with backseat entertainment. Have a great time!
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