Anyone know any good hair thickening shampoos?

    Anyone know any good hair thickening shampoos?

    Im not losing my hair yet but want to try and keep it for aslong as i can, so Im just looking for a good shampoo/ spray that helps to thicken hair making it stay on for longer :P


    It's all down to inhereted genes I'm afraid.

    I use Alpecin Caffeine Shampoo, seems to work pretty well. Been using it for a few weeks and it has made my hair definetly looks a bit thicker.
    You can buy it from loads of places, like boots, sainsburys etc. It's £5 for 250ml but might be worth a try.

    Happy shampooing.

    Super glue.(_;)

    Seriously, nothing on this earth will prevent hair loss.

    Shave it all off.

    please contact Alan Carr for further info!!!

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    You having a mid-life … You having a mid-life crisis?

    hhaha, yeah i neeeeed yourrrrrrr help!!

    You could try using those minoxidel things , dunno if they work though but they sell well enough.


    I've always found Charles Worthington hair thickening shampoo to work well. I can't seem to find it in the shops anymore, but theres always eBay...

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