Anyone know any online discount codes for Argos or Homebase?

Found 5th Jan 2009
Trying to order a mattress for £120, any kind of discount would be greatly appreciated

Rep will be given for help



Sorry, I don't know about any such discounts.

However, you may wish to know that I went into our local Sleepmasters last week and expressed interest in a single mattress priced at £150 plus £35 delivery. As usual, the salesman said he would throw in the delivery free if I bought it (they almost always say that!).

I asked what was the very best he could do on the mattress. He said £140.

I said, "Make it £130 with free delivery and I'll take it." He immediately replied, "OK, £130 it is!!"

Two morals to my story:

(1) Why bother with Argos etc, where you cannot examine the mattress? Go into a local stockist and choose your mattress. Be polite, friendly but bold - stick out for a decent discount. It's a buyer's market at present. :thumbsup:

(2) I wish I had asked for more than the £20 discount I got - he nearly snatched my hand off when I said I would buy it for £130.

Good luck!

Original Poster

Thanks for your advice :thumbsup:

It's for my sister-in Law who has been waiting for me to tell her a good deal off HUKD :giggle:

The deal was posted on here for the mattress a couple of days ago so I just thought I would try and save her a few quid, being the lovely lady I am :-D
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