Anyone know any xbox 360 modders in or around slough (west london area)

As above really.

Found one guy but its gona cost £20 + £10 train ticket to mitcham which is like a hour and half train journey.


and your complaining that its going to cost you £30

i'm not saying your wanting your console modding just to play pirate material, but if your original discs get scratched to smeg and back one replacement game would cost you between £20 -£30 anyway

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id pay £30 if it was local, its the journey on the train.

You can always pay to send your 360 to someone, saves the train journey but you'll be without your 360 for a while


id pay £30 if it was local, its the journey on the train.

Siderodromophobia? :oops: had to sorry

i know a guy in that area who will do it for about tree fiddy if you interested ?

What drive is it?

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fwibble translate that word LOL

I don't have anyone at home fora courier that's the problem.
Bg1 no thanks

Also is a toshiba or hitachi or samsung I think can't remember lol

Can't you just do it yourself?

You need a £10 part for the computer (and you don't always need that) and its super-easy

Samsungs literally take about 4-5 minutes to do

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may have to as a last attempt

They're not rocket science to do, but ensure you follow the instructions to the LETTER. The process is uber-important and if you don't manage to get a good EEPROM dump of your drive before you start, you can practically render the entire 360 useless.

Google for 'textbook guide 360' and you should find what you're looking for.

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got it done from brixton for £20 with 2 free testers lol thats cool
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