Anyone know anything about 2D bulb?

Posted 23rd Jun 2015
Can I replace a 28W 2D bulb with a 38W one?
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i have seen some lighting that states 28W maximum. unfortunately it is a ceiling light at my mum's house and she is too elderly to climb up there and i can't remember whether the light had a maximum wattage on it.
in terms of safety its not hot or using much more power merely the size is bigger so covers etc may not fit otherwise it should be amazingly bright-is it for outdoor use?
The ballast will be matched to a 28W, so the same rating of tube should be used - is 28W hard to find?

If more light is wanted, you'd have to replace the ballast and bulb - it's unlikely a 38W bulb would be any brighter, if it worked at all on a 28W ballast.
the problem is that i can not remember what the current wattage of the bulb is so I went to the shop yesterday and saw both 28W and 38W on sale at the same price and they both are the same size. The 38W has higher lumens so I would like to buy that as the light is in the kitchen so the brighter the better.

Sounds like i will have to buy both and take the unwanted one back.
Yes u can do it cause i have done it in my bathroom and was told by the electrician re-wiring the house who put the 28w bulb in that i could buy the 38w if i wanted brighter...but on council instructions had to use the smaller wattage as part of the Council energy saving initiative! Be careful you get the correct bulb as there is a 2-pin fitting and a 4-pin fitting,also ebay is great for buying them cheaply at around £2.00 a pop..dont go near B&Q for one thats for sure as you are talking upwards of £14.00 per bulb!!!!!! Which is ridiculously expensive
In my experience, you can get a 16w or 28w 2d bulb. The 28w are bright enough but if you feel it's dull, maybe change the plastic front to a clear (if it's not already)
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