Anyone know anything about coin collecting?

Found 11th Jul 2010
Hi, i have been collecting coin collections for a little while now and have a nice collection (i think so) anyway, time comes to add them to the insurance policy so i need to place a value on them, can anyone help?

The collection is as follows -

1989 UK £2 coin collection
1989 coin collection
90th birthday of the queen mother
1990 coin collection
1991 coin collection
1992 coin collection
Queen Elizabeth II 40th anniversary
1993 coin collection
Tercentenary of the bank of England
£1 for Scotland
50th anniversary of the D-Day landings
1994 coin collection
Second world war coin
1995 coin collection
£1 coin for Northern Ireland
A celebration of football
70th birthday of queen Elizabeth II
1996 coin collection
United States and United Kingdom coin collection
1997 UK £2 coin
£1 coin for England
Golden wedding anniversary commemorative crown
1997 coin collection
Europe commemorative
NHS 50p
Prince of Wales 50th birthday crown
1998 coin collection
Diana memorial coin
1999 coin collection
The public library
The queen mother centenary crown
2000 coin collection
2001 Victorian anniversary crown
Transatlantic wireless 1901
2001 coin collection
Queen mother memorial crown
Golden jubilee
Commonwealth games
2002 coin collection
Concorde Alderney
Coronation jubilee
100th anniversary of the woman’s social and political union
2003 coin collection
200th anniversary of steam locomotive
150th anniversary of the Crimean war
2004 coin collection
The end of World war 2
The Nelson and Trafalgar 200th anniversary
400th anniversary of the gun powder plot
Menai bridge Wales
2005 coin collection
Brunel 1986– 2006
80th birthday commemorative crown
2006 coin collection
Abolition of the slave trade
Gateshead Millennium bridge
300th Anniversary of the act of union
Princess Diana legacy of a unique woman
Scouts 100 year anniversary
Diamond wedding crown
2007 coin collection
The 4th Olympiad
Royal shield of arms
Emblems of Britain
Queen Elizabeth I 450th anniversary
Olympic games handover ceremony
50th anniversary of the mini
Kew gardens
The Charles Darwin £2 coin
Shield of Royal Arms £1
Henry VIII
Robert Burns
2009 coin collection
Girlguiding 100 years
Last European coins (not royal mint)
Blue Peter 50p

Each one are those in the presentation packaging and they are all still sealed as sent by the royal mint.
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try completed listings on ebay

try completed listings on ebay

How exactly? im not gonna go through each one! and espcially seeing as none on there seem to still be in their packaging - i dont mean the outer packaging i mean the sealed packaging the royal mint ships them in.
well if you cant be bothered i suppose a specialised con collection shop is your next best bet

well if you cant be bothered i suppose a specialised con collection shop … well if you cant be bothered i suppose a specialised con collection shop is your next best bet

That list is only part of the collection (the real list would be far too long) would you want to sit and look for things on ebay 150 times and then guess how much more each one is worth based on condition? No body said anything about not being bothered either, ive take the time to collect them so if thats what i had to resort to then dont you think i would.
People can quite easily ask how much something is worth (cars for example) this is no different as there maybe someone who can actually help. Unlike you who are a waste of time.
I would put a value of £2,000 for insurance purposes.

Selling them, i'd estimate around £800

I would put a value of £2,000 for insurance purposes.Selling them, i'd … I would put a value of £2,000 for insurance purposes.Selling them, i'd estimate around £800

You know what each individual set is buddy? because i just thought putting the list up like this nobody knows whats in each one as some sets are more than one coin!
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