Anyone know anything about Copyright ?

    If I made a piece of artwork of something that had Mickey Mouse in it or a Man Utd Badge or similar, would I be allowed to sell it ? I was talking to a guy in an art gallery yesterday and he said that it would be ok as long as I put (C) Disney or sommit like that.




    of course you cant!


    of course you cant!


    Going on the theory of the guy in the art gallery, it would be okay to copy a blu-ray of toy story 3 as long as you stick a (c) pixar Disney.
    Copyright does what it says on the tin, you have the right to copy, you need to get written permission from the copyright owner, before using. If the artwork is just a straight copy of the character or logo I don't think there will be a problem, ie Warhol and campbells soup tin, but if you are making a statement against mcdonalds (example) you would have to alter the logo, as in banksy
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    That's what I thought !!!

    lol...if you are going to create artwork based on other peoples copyright then you need their approval first.

    No you can't
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