Anyone know anything about hairdye?

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Found 17th Jan 2009
Have had my hair dyed in the hairdressers for the last year or so.. can't afford to do it anymore and wonder if its safe for me to buy a kit in Boots and do it myself on top of the dye that is still there from the last time it was done?

I don't really want green hair but really am fed up with seeing the grey bits now!


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yes safe and easy too do. once youve done it yourself you'll wonder why you ever bothered to pay a hairdresser.

just make sure you do the strand test and skin test first iv been colouring my own hair for years and never had a problem i go really light blonde and use xxl live. what colour you going to?:thumbsup:

must do a strand test first
but really easy been doing my own for years but use vaseline on hair line stops the skin being dyed

if hair already dyed get a friend into help and only do the roots

I always dye my own hair. I have brown hair and get the oddd grey hair come through so I just shove a perminent dark brown dye every few months. As long as you keep conditioning your hair there shouldn;t be a problem. But remember to use the gloves included in the box and like the other person said, put some vasaline on your head close to your hair line and around your neck and ears. If not you'll end up with dyed skn which isn;t very attractive lol.
I actually brought a hair dye today from Tesco for 79p!! It said New! on the price tag. Not tried this before but for 79p (and it's perminnent) I'll give it a go. I doubt there's any conditioner in it though for this price.
Good luck anyway.

yea but seriously the stuff you get from boots etc is not as good as you would buy/use in a hairdressers (no im not a hairdresser but the missus is) seriously why do none of the decent hair colours sell in boots - tesco's etc all you get is the cheap hair dye, why not visit say a sallys wholesale shop (you dont need to be trade) and you buy what they use @ the hairdressers (all hairdressers should keep a record of the colour/code used and you can ask for that and then go sallys buy the same and do it your self @ home)


yes safe and easy too do. once youve done it yourself you'll wonder why … yes safe and easy too do. once youve done it yourself you'll wonder why you ever bothered to pay a hairdresser.

Exactly! My hair is a purplish red and my husband dyes it for me. If he can do it, anyone can! It dyes all my grey out too really well. It's the XX colour one (or summat like that).

ive been dying mine for nearly 30 years - ive had some major mess ups - including orange and green and even patches (or should i say UNeven) - buy a wash in/wash out toner to keep as back up, a shade darker or lighter, so that if you really dont like it you can put this on so at least you can go out - lol

When you buy home dye kits make sure at the same time as the strand test you do a sensitivity test too, apply a small amount of the devolper behind your ear and leave for a few hours, any redness, itchiness or pain then do not use.

depends if you want blonde hair from darl always west to go to salon

tomorrow im going back to brunette at salon but after thet it will be boots always as really cant go wrong with brunette colour
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