anyone know anything about personal statements???

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Found 18th Feb 2010
hi i am trying to write a personal statement but i dont know where to start can anyone guide me please???


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I'm doing it too sarahjane. Are you studying an arty subject? The date has already passed I'm pretty sure for most other things. If you're applying for something like maths as one of your choices and then dance or something as another make sure you cover both aspects when describing what you like to do. If all your choices are around the same area make sure to emphasise things to do with it that you like to do in your spare time etc...but I think that really goes without saying. Don't exaggerate and say you love to do everything, and how great you are at everything... just be honest etc. Also don't get too stressed about it!

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thanks both of you not arty am afraid, health n social care. i dont even know how to start lol im useless

Start it with
I consider myself to be ........ then list your traits i.e. honest, reliable enthusiastic, I like working with people/am independant, then list all the qualities you think will be related to and some that are not related to the position, then list what you like to do your hobbies, ambitions etc.

Experience goes down well with H & S care - so make sure you include any voluntary or placement work you have done that is relevent e.g. health care, even baby sitting counts!!

include some reasons WHY you specifically want to do this (type of) course and what personal attributes you have that make you an appropriate candidate (eg empathetic, good communication skills, ability to problem solve, punctual, reliable WITH EXAMPLES if possible e.g. "my friends would describe me as a empathetic and loyal and I have given up time recently to ............" or "I am reliable and punctual. My attendance record at college has been exemplary and I have regularly ......................."

have a look at the "student room" website as there are articles on there about personal statements.

I'm an OT student BTW

My advice is, if it makes you sound bad, don't include it. Also get your A-level teachers/tutors to read it through and see what they think if you're still at sixth form.
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