Anyone know anything about Sciatica which has resulted in.......

    Hi, my mum suffers with sciatica, she has deteriorated rapidly since the turn of the year, she is now in hospital (8 days) and has had MRI and CT Scans, they said she might have trapped nerves in her groin which has resulted in her now being unable to move at all. She has lost all use of her left leg, she has lost over 2 stone, she has burning pain in her left thigh, she is very weak and lifeless. We have asked nurses within the hospital but they don't seem to tell us anything.

    Anyone got any advice....

    Thanks in advance


    not much the docs can do apart from painkillers and sending her to Physiotherapy, just try keep her felling positive and as active as possible and just be there for her, and i hope you mum gets better soon as i know sciatica can be very painful.

    mines nothing compared to your mum but hell it hurts, mine came on when i was pregnant with my first child and hsnt ever gone away.


    Oh no, sorry to hear that.
    My grandad is currently in hospital and the nurses don't say anything to us too. Or if they do its always conflicting to what we've been told before.

    Avoid internet sites, although helpful, they can be rather scary. Phone NHS direct for advice on the condition or arrange an appointment with a GP to discuss?

    Make sure you arrange to speak to a doctor on the ward too.

    And take care of your mum, she needs you! xx

    The only releif from this my mum ever found was (sorry for the spelling ) an osteopath. Hope she is okay sorry cant be of more help.

    hope she feels better soon xx

    So sorry to hear about your Mum and I do hope she improves soon.

    I have known people try chiropody, chiropracty and other treatments for this but as she is so poorly with it, I hope they find some medication to help ease her pain. x x x

    I was off work for seven weeks last year - I has to go to the physio at least three times a week for the first two weeks ,then twice and eventually once, most of the time the only way I could get comfy was to lay on the floor. I was informed by my friend (the physio) that the lower down the leg you can feel the pain the longer it will take to cure.

    the only real cure is physio and rest. It is not a pleasant complaint but it will get better

    Aww not a nice thing to have.. lots of love to your mum xx

    Original Poster

    Thanks everyone xx
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