anyone know anything about selling a business rgards to goodwill value?

    as above, does anyone know much about calculating a value of a business when its offered as a payment of goodwill?


    Speak to your accountant and he should be able to advise you on it, most have had dealings valueing businesses

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    I am my own accountant I'll make phone calls tomorrow, but i was just wondering if anyone had experience of this as my head is working overtime !!

    Generally speaking, goodwill can be seen as the cost of building up the company to its present state. For example, how much would it cost for a new owner to build up the customer base? How much of your trade is as a result of the reputation that you have built up?

    There's no set formula, and every case is down to how hard you can barter with the potential new owner (& how hard a bargain he can drive!).

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    how hard a bargain he can drive is prob the best wording as i feel he's def out for a bargain!! Typically I cant speak to anyone about this today since it being the holidays so shall need to wait till Tuesday!! Arrghhh!!!
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