anyone know anything about tax credits please...

    my husband was made redundant back in february but has just been offered a local job but it is only 17 hours a week we are married and have a 2 year old son and at the mo are claiming job seekers as a family anyone know if we will be loads worse off moneywise as the job is basically minimum wage so we are counting on tax credits to make upto a decent wage i hope this dont offend anyone but need to know asap ive tried the benefit claim tables but it needs all the details of wages from last year etc just a rough guide would be fab x




    try it needs no personal details and has been quite acurate for me

    oops too late

    i just did this with mine and they are very accurate

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    thanks all i will try it x

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    p.s rep added to all above xx

    As long as its 16 hours or more he will get a top up ith orking tax credit and will probably get a fair bit in council tax/ housing benefits, good luck.

    Try this...…htm

    Or ring the tax credit helpline 8am - 8pm for a calculation. If you ring then make sure you have your household income figures to hand for the last financial year and an estimate for this financial year, the more accurate the better.
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