Anyone know anything about this virus?

    Got this virus on my laptop earlier, I duno how I got it, literately clicked on an ebay link then clicked buy it now and the laptop anti virus popped up saying it had been detected, did a full scan and picked up 3 items 2 of which it moved to the quaratine, should I be worried about the other 1 ? I had to rush out the door , so didn't get any names apart from the initial alert which was java/exdoer , did a quick google search and it seems quites new, anyone dealt with it before? Which is the best procedure? Cant get back to it till Friday now though.


    Try Scanning with these just to make sure.

    Hitman Pro 3.5 (free for 30 days)

    Emsisoft Anti-Malware


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    Thanks for that, should I change my passwords that I use online, as I dont know how long its been there for, I am so paranoid when it comes to stuff like this, one day I am just going to give up the internet all together I'm telling you!

    What AV are you using that gave you the warning ?

    Also do this if you have java installed.…xml

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    What AV are you using that gave you the warning ?

    avira antivirus


    Also do this if you have java … Also do this if you have java installed.[url=][/url]

    Will do thanks.

    Agreed with MalwareBytes. It's a beast!

    Malwarebytes, spy bot search and destroy, then either install microsoft security essentials/avira/avast with zone alarm firewall.. keep malwarebytes installed!
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    is this the phish/cartasiZ warning, my friend is infected(poss) with this too.

    I am currently trying to track down if its a false positive or not, again appears to be related to ebay, the alert only comes up when you go to the sign on page..
    malwarebytes picked up nothing and avira seems unable to remove completely, also manual delete is proving difficult (remotely)
    doesnt appear when you use seamonkey browser only IE.

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