Anyone know anywhere i can get a childs lifejacket?

    Usually we use the little swim vests but with them both being 7 they're not to keen on the babyish vests. So we are looking to get them little kids lifejackets, however they are 25kg and the lifejackets tend to start at 30kg. All the little baby swim vests seem to go up to 4-5yrs so they are kind of in the middle.

    Any know of any larger swim vests that arent too babyish or any small kids lifejackets?



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    Thanks but should have mentioned we want ones without the shoulder/neck part lol But off that link i've seen this one - Which is perfect but again it starts at 30kg :?


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    Thanks for that, thats the perfect sizing the 6-7 but the vest looks very babyish - Think im going to go with the link above for the Helly Hansen Life Jackets :thumbsup: Thanks for your help, rep given
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