Anyone know besides Apple where to fix Ipad 4 screen thats cracked

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Found 14th Dec 2016
It's not in warranty so I don't mind a place that is not Apple. The cost at Apple is exorbitant. it's half the purchase cost of a new one. If anyone has had good service someplace I am looking to hear about it here. Thanks


It will depend on where you live, there will be local independent repair shops that can help you and may be cheaper. Best bet is to Google Apple repairs near you and see what comes up, then do some due diligence on them

loads of places, check your local facebook selling groups
there must be 100 places around where i am near gatwick

There will be a turkish guy somewhere within 30 miles of where you live with a wee repair shop. I think its law in this country now lol. From experience they are usually very good at it and cheap too
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