Anyone know best place to insure camera?

Found 20th Jan 2010
I got Canon 7D brand new but dont have receipt as it was gift, Am keeping the camera but would like to insure it against theft/damage. Anyone know best place/deal to insure camera and probably lens as well? or will they be included in home insurance contents.

Sorry if the question seem basic/daft, dont know much about insurance policies.

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Check your house insurance - if you have accidental contents, then check the max item value (usually around £2000 per). If you classify your lenses/body etc as separate items then you should be ok. If in doubt check with your insurer - mine just asked me to list the items and covered them without additional prem - also covered outside house for up to 30 days

BTW nice camera
I don't know of any specific insurers that will cover them under a separate policy, but it's definitely worth checking your home insurance policy to see if you can extend it to include cover for it. You need to be looking for a section along the lines of 'Personal Effects' or valuables. If in doubt, ALWAYS ring the insurers and tell them very clearly why you need to extend cover.

Make sure that it will cover you for various perils both home and outside the home - and outside the UK, if you need that extra level of protection.
You can probably put them on your home insurance, but if they are worth over a certain value they will probably need to be itemised. It will depend on your policy, but it should be possible. Have a look at the ts and cs and give them a ring. I think with our policy any single item worth over £500 has to be listed, and also maybe anything that I want to be able to take out of the house and still be insured (like laptop).

Sorry been beaten to it.....what the others said

BTW nice camera

Thanks, got the 24-105mm L Lens to go with it so thats why thinking of insuring them.

Will check the house insurance. Thanks for all your comments

This the lens you … This the lens you got?http://www.onestop-digital.com/catalog/product_info.php?cPath=24_26&products_id=304

Yes thats the one. trying to get 10-22mm for wider angle. will sell the 15-85mm that came with 7D. Had play around with camera last night, and wow, love the new autofocus system on it

Also, think the house insurance will cover it, have asked brother as its on his name.
Heard that the autofocus system is out of this world. :thumbsup:
Great purchase.
Yeah, bought the 5d, sold, bought 50D selling, but 7d surprised me
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