Anyone know... Coraline's Yellow Rain coat!!

Found 5th Nov 2009
Hi all!

Im making a film in a few weeks time and I really need a coraline style yellow rain coat that fits a 9 year old before then! Its really hard to find one! Does anyone know where I can find one of these for less then £50 quid! lol.

Thank you!

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How close up will the shot be?
try ebay item number 290366163264
Will be a range of shots, she'll be wearing it throughout the whole film. That one looks good! If only I could see a proper picture of it though, might ask seller if I can see a photo? Thank you!
No harm in asking, although judging by the price I don't think the quality will be very good, i'm guessing it's one of those made out of carrier bag type plastic, the kind of thing you buy at a theme park for the water rides.
What about this one 260494510966
Thats PERFECT!!!! Thank you Kazzy D!!!!
Your very welcome, thanks.
Ive asked the ebay seller about whether that coat is waterproof twice and no reply! So I dont really wanna buy from him.

Anyone else know anywhere to get one of these? Cant find them anywhere lol, who knew how hard it would be??
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