Anyone know how i can find a mod?

I need to find a mod posted but a deal and it disappeared but gave me some message (i was editing)



you want to pm a mod you mean, or look for a post by them

Found one

Is it about the dupe argos thread you posted?

See here:…n-/

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Opps i did search sorry i missed it ok now i feel an idiot lol sorry again

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LOL i prefer emmajk42 thanks


so thats how people can get their post numbers up so fast.... it doesnt have to be at all reletive to the thread!:p



Zoot suit, white jacket with side vents 5 inches long,
I'm out on the street again leaping along,
Dressed right for a beach fight...........

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Cool thanks that will come in handy

i know where u can find a mod expiring genuine questions about gta
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