Anyone know how I can make a revision timetable?

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Found 29th Oct 2010
Got like 75 days til the start of my exams. Got quite a few so I need to get cracking now. So need to make a timetable of revision, how could I go about doing one of these?

Not great with excel. Any Tips would be useful. Cheers.

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Yes I have got 11 weeks till my exams. A Level. Get your spec have a look at all the bits and then do a weekly plan. So for example I have got Maths, Eco, Psy, Bus. I get the bits from each sujects spec guide target myself I need to do this etc. I have to achieve it by the end of week. I started this plan 2 weeks ago. It been working but I have been getting lazy so I am going to step up revision from Monday for 11 weeks. I plan to learn all content in 6 weeks with doing pass papers. Then the remaining 5 go through everything and pass papers etc.

Just going to spend my time revising and driving sorted in the next 11 weeks.

If you plan on doing this I would advice work in place that will be quiet. Try get it done. Cut down days you got out etc. I used to go out alot so used to mess my revision up with my mates. Also make time in the day where you have a set amount of time on ps3 or tv etc.

Hopefully you come out with A's.

I did this for as and I got A,B, D, U. I go to aweful college aswell.

Got the U in biology has to drop that ended up taking business, so I got to do AS and A2 business in one year.

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No A2. Got a DDEU

6 Exams in January


No A2. Got a DDEU6 Exams in January

Same here A2.

Start now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Or take today, tommorrow and sunday off. From Monday work till you drop. Make a plan today and then change it if you need. Make sure once you start stick to it. There is more than enough time now.

piece of paper and pen
draw a grid
write down what ur gonna revise and when
blue tac it to wall

stop being stupid and asking how to make a blooming revision time table...what u revising for KS1?!

Try Google

or this
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