Anyone know how I can print something in Microsoft Word - backwards?!?

    Hi there.

    I bought some transfer paper and let the kids design a picture that we can print and iron onto a t-shirt - but I need to print the whole document backwards, otherwise when I iron the picture on the t-shirt their names will be backwards!

    So is there a way I can set this in Word (2007) or a program I can easily do it?

    (Or if anyone would be kind enough to let me email it to them and they send me back a mirrored image version)

    Thank yous x


    Your printer settings will allow you to flip the image and do that. Go to print preview and it should be around there.

    if not then you could try either doing a print screen if its low res or if you can export as an image (not used word in 10 years or so) flip it using an image editing program like photoshop/gimp/irfranview etc

    turn your printer back to front. sorted

    yeah there should be a setting to mirror your image.

    when you click to print click on printer properties..then select page layout from the tabs at the top and you can tick a box saying 'mirror image' then click apply and print.. hope that helps. :thumbsup:

    Print it next to a mirror

    Original Poster

    Thank you for the help (and jokes! :giggle:) so far but I am either very blind (not thick) or I can't do it on my comp :-(

    This is what mine looks like:

    cant see any mirror image setting on mine either now that i look

    Try in options its under printing preferences on a epson printer

    In Media Type/Paper type there should be an option for HP Iron On Transfer paper. Try test print first on normal paper hth

    copy the image into another programme (paint is a basic one) and i think in the edit tab, there is a choice to flip rotate etc. So you could flip it and get a reverse.

    Well i think that might work - im dont know that much about computers (as you may probablt tell from me suggesting paint to you)

    when you do ctrl + p
    and click properties
    is there anything saying layout
    or advanced setting
    on my hp printer its under there

    Turn the piece of paper upside down?

    Original Poster

    Ended up doing it through 'Paint' - the lines aren't quite as sharp but doesn't matter

    Thanks everybody
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