Anyone know how long it takes for Sky LLU to settle?

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Found 21st Jul 2010
Been activated about a hour and the line is giving me 4 meg connection, so on the rare chance its a faulty line there must be another reason since I lived across the road 2 years ago(well a few flats along also) and got 8 meg as its just around corner from exchange, the person in the next flat is on Orange ADSL(not LLU) and gets the full 8 meg and his router reports his line capable of 16.5 meg(despite it just being an adsl line) and last year I lived in a flat just under a mile from exchange and had O2 ADSL and got the full 8 meg(which is a miracle concering O2 Access)

I am just confused as all the student houses I have lived in the last 3 years have had O2/Be LLU and each one has had full LLU speed same day(and thats 3 properties)

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Doesn't it fluctuate for 14 days to determine the optimum speed your line can handle?

sky use dlm for error correction and this takes upto 20 days although usually settles after 10 days, so sky will not entertain you until after this period. also makes sure your router is always switched on during this check

have a look here for more info on dlm…tml
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