Anyone know how long mortar repairs tend to last?

    The mortar joints in my roof has degraded.

    Anyone know how long a mortar repair would last generally?


    depends how good a job was done. easily 5 years+ unless you live in the outer hebrides

    mortar the point get a few quotes

    Mutley1, It all depends on a) how the roof was constructed b) what tiles/slates were used c) what mortar was used. If for instance the roof was a cut roof on an old house then i would recommend lime mortar which is more flexible and allows some movement. If it was just pointed out with sand cement mortar then it would not last long. Be careful...there are Roofers and there are 'Roofers' if you know what I mean! Find a reputable firm with some history and who warranty their work. It may cast a bit more but as I always say “The bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten”

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