anyone know how paypal works

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Found 11th Mar 2009
Hi guys, ive bought something from someone on here and i realised i needed to update my bank account details on paypal so i did the updating they sent me two amounts i put them in and it says my paypal is now active again.
Well ive tried to send payment to this person and its saying
This payment has been initiated
what does that mean ? usually you just pay someone and thats it but ive tried this several times over the last few days and its saying the same thing
can someone explain what im doing wrong.
Many thanks joanne
Any help would be gratefully appreciated

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why not just contact PayPal?


I had this issue when I first opened my account, it took a day or so to get sorted but did seem to go away all on its own. Your mileage may vary of course, best to drop them an email or something just in case (and explain in the thread why you're delayed making payment!)

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I have actually contacted paypal and they said they cant seem to understand why the payment is not going through ive been with paypal for years but i forgot as i had changed my card i needed to update all my card details again.
never mind thanks for all your help guys.
Ill just stick with postal orders from now on lol

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Ive contacted the seller of the item on here and they have been very patient and undersatnding which i greatly appreciate i just dont like having to make people wait lol
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