Anyone know how these VGA to Scart boxes work?

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Found 30th Aug 2009
Want one or 2 reasons, one is for an old pentium 4 pc I am going to just use for emulators and a media centre since its so much hassle streaming to PS3 and taking all laptops power and I want to play PS1 emulators on my old CRT tv.

The model is called Grand Hand View the 3rd model is £45 but model 2 is £15 on Ebay only difference I can see is that model 2 is mains powered and a lot bigger and model 3 is usb powered I dont know if the newer model is better at changing the signal though.

What confuses me is they say RGB output on them but none have scart ports just VGA and S video(I already have S video and it is bad)

Anyone know anything about this?

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No do tell:whistling:

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Well I dont know so how could I lol.

From what I can see it comes with a cable with VGA on one end and scart on another if this is the case could if the cable has a problem could I just buy a normal VGA to scart cable and attach that to the convertor.
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