anyone know how to connect a ds to wifi? please read

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we bought this and can't seem to get it to work wireless with the laptop, it will work via an ethernet cable.
we've tried it on windows xp & vista.
does anyone know how to get this to work wireless so it will enable the laptop and the ds to connect ?? as all our pc's are wireless and i dont want to keep the laptop connected via the ethernet cable.
the information that came with the disc is on how to set up a wireless router not the wifi dongle, cant seem to find anything on google or youtube that helps
the router we have runs WPA & WPA2 only.
thanks in advance


the router we have runs WPA & WPA2 only.

That's your problem.

Nintendo don't do WPA for the DS's for some strange reason, just cr*ppy WEP.

All you can do is get a WEP capable router

have ypu got the browser?

There are plenty of cheap half-decent routers about that will do WEP, that have been posted on here past few days.

Then you won't have to mess about. The only problem is WEP isn't very secure, but it depends what area you live in and how well you get on with your neighbours!
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