anyone know how to easily compress psp games/films?

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Found 8th Oct 2008
Hi , I got the slim PSP, got the firmware, got the memory stick, even managed to download 2/3 games to it and 1 movie but there is hardly any space left on it now!

Anyone know how to compress them to make more room?

Thanks in advance!



why has this been expired?

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oops, did do something wrong?

when i dumped my umds, i used something similar to this to compress them to make more room on the memory stick ]http//ps…609

turn the games in to cso


turn the games in to cso


whats funni?

well it was quite a vague answer. maybe you can explain how to convert psp .iso files to .cso ?

you need some software called umd gen to convert to .cso also to make games smaller you can rip things out of the iso like movies & music for example on my psp i have manhunt 2 it was 990 mb i ripped all the movies out of it except the ending and now it is 410mb


download winavi version 3 and then convert the downloaded movies from AVI to psp format (MP4). Can shrink by about 40-50% without noticeable quality imperfections.

VERY quick. Converted a 42 minute TV episode of Dexter in 7 minutes! (350mb to 210mb). 3 times quicker than PSP Video 9.
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