Anyone know how to fix bad playlists on spotify

Posted 4th Jun
So I like mostly indie rock music, a bit of 80s and some metal and rock.

3 of my daily playlists are fine.

3 of them have been invaded by dodgy prog rock that I really dont like, I think this is because I like a few songs by Floyd, Cinderella, Cult etc

I have been clicking the dont play icon, but it still keeps filling up with tosh I dont want to listen to.

Anyway I can correct it?
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Make your own
Danze198404/06/2020 12:55

Make your own

You were kinda right with this, I've not made a load of lists, and I've discovered you can mingle them with spotify radio which is a cool feature, I believe after some research my daily playlists should eventually push the rubbish off and select new stuff based on my own lists.
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