Anyone know how to get a CPU fan/heatsink off.

Its one of those pop in types so I spent ages putting it on mobo before but didnt have enough thermal paste on cpu so needed to put more on but cant get it out without damaging the pins.


theres usually 2 levers each side of it which u need to put small screwdrivers under and ease them up gently to pop the heatsink off

(make sure u unplug it from the motherboard first)

or it could be two latches on which case you need to push down on one side with some force and outwards to unclip it and the other should come off easily

Um, what kind of heatsink from what kind of CPU?

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It's an intel fan from a socket 775 mobo

Never asked how to get it back on to as it took me ages.

does the heat sink have 4 black plastic 'legs'?

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does the heat sink have 4 black plastic 'legs'?

Yep the pins seem too big for the hole but once they are in they are fine


Yep the pins seem too big for the hole but once they are in they are fine

just use a flathead screwdriver and rotate the top of each of the black 'legs' of the heatsink 90 degrees counterclockwise to unlock them then pull up on each leg to release it when all 4 are done can just lift the heatsink off

like this?

if so it looks like the black part of the plastic plug unclips from the side of the white plastic bit (if that makes sense)


that should help ya, and just go back to page 6 to see how to put it bk together properly

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Lol got it off but broke 2 of the pins. so now it wont hold in place, shame really as now I cant use my new pc build until I do so(I do have a screw in fan but no base bit to put under the mobo to screw it in.
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