Anyone know how to get a film off Facebook?

    Kids went to stay with my Mother in Law and my 14 yr old Sister in law did a fab video with my 2 girls. But even though she has tagged me in it my parents can't view it.

    Is that to do with my settings or my sister in laws settings?

    Is there any way I can get this video off facebook so I can upload it to my wall? I have tried sharing it to my wall but my parents still can't see it.


    you need to allow others to view your wall.

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    think I have changed my settings, Will have to wait and see if they can see it.

    Would it have anything at all to do with my SIL security once im tagged in it? Fingers crossed it works for them now!

    If you use firefox install Video DownloadHelper( This will allow you to Download the video to your computer. Then you can email it to them, burn on dvd or even reupload somewere else
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